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How it works

Simple interface, powerful results

01 Record your match

Record your match

02 Analyze with your team

Analyze with your team

03 Export and share

Export and share

Why Panoris

The most powerful tool for sports analysis and broadcasting

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Catch every detail

Wide panoramic setup means you can focus on any part of the pitch, whenever you want.

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Analyze in detail

Watch the game from different views. Graphically enhance and highlight important moments in the video.

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Easy to use

Touch-friendly, intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through videos.

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Save time and money

No cameraman required. Automated image processing ensures sharp, easy-to-track video.

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Live broadcast

To Facebook, YouTube or even your own third-party software.

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Fast export and share

Export any part of the match at any time (even during it). Create highlights, analyze them immediately or post them on social media.